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But I can't even draw a straight line!

I have been an Art Therapist since 2006 and I love inspiring people to use their creative minds to feel better. You don't need to be an artist or a poet or a musician to use creative thinking to help you to manage stress and illness. Anyone can benefit from utilizing expressive therapies. Aside from art making, I use creative visualization and relaxation techniques to help people learn how to help themselves to feel better.  Art making NOT for you? No worries! As a Licensed Professional Counselor we can just talk and come up with specific solutions to help your needs!

You are not alone.

Lots of people need help coping with pain, stress and illness. Let me teach you techniques that you can easily include in your daily routine to take the edge off. Sharing with a therapist can make you feel better supported and less alone.

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Therapy can be goal oriented and short term. I am here to teach you coping skills. I don't have a couch and we don't even have to talk about your mom if you don't want to!

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